Thursday, 12 March 2015

netstat switches

The following switches can be used with the ipconfig command line utility:

-a Displays all connections and listening ports
-bDisplays the executable involved in creating each connection or listening port
-eDisplays Ethernet statistics
-fDDisplays Fully Qualified Domain Names for foreign addresses. (In Windows Vista/7 only)
-nDisplays addresses and port numbers in numerical form
-o Displays the owning process ID associated with each connection
-p protocol Shows connections for the protocol specified by proto; proto may be any of: TCP, UDP, TCPv6, or UDPv6.
-rDisplays the routing table
-s Displays per-protocol statistics
-tDDisplays the current connection offload state, (Windows Vista/7)
-v When used in conjunction with -b, will display sequence of components involved in creating the connection or listening port for all executables. (Windows XP SP2, SP3)
[interval] An integer used to display results multiple times with specified number of seconds between displays. Continues until stopped by command ctrl+c. Default setting is to display once

Common usage netsta -a -n -o

Use the pid to cross reference with the process running in Task Manager

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