Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Rename MarkLogic Document Function

Simple function to rename a document within a MarkLogic database and retain the collections and permissions:

declare function local:document-rename(
   $old-uri as xs:string, $new-uri as xs:string)
  as empty-sequence()
    let $permissions := xdmp:document-get-permissions($old-uri)
    let $collections := xdmp:document-get-collections($old-uri)
    return xdmp:document-insert(
      $new-uri, doc($old-uri),
      if ($permissions) then $permissions
      else xdmp:default-permissions(),
      if ($collections) then $collections
      else xdmp:default-collections(),
    let $prop-ns := namespace-uri()
    let $properties :=
        [ namespace-uri(.) ne $prop-ns ]
    return xdmp:document-set-properties($new-uri, $properties)

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